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#773833 - 07/19/17 04:59 PM Recently filed for divorce...question about moving
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I filed for a divorce last month. My husband does not want a divorce and said he will fight me every step of the way. Before the divorce we had discussed moving back to be closer to my family in Columbus, OH. We currently live about 2 hours north.

My questions is do I bring up wanting to move now or once I have full custody would I ask the court to move?

I have started a list of reasons why it is in the best interest of our children to live in Columbus.

Current Support System
•Grandma-numerous health problems, undesired living conditions (cats & smoking), criminal record & mental health concerns. Also, questionable relationship with boyfriend and brother (needs constant health care)
•Grandpa-stage 4 stomach cancer
•Aunt-limited communication, criminal record, drinking & drug use

Support System in Columbus
•Grandma-still employed & in good health
•Aunt-has 3 children similar in age and very close (text, facetime, etc.) also was babysitter before move
•Great-Grandparents-retired & in good health
•Great Aunt & Uncle
•Various cousins

Husband's Mental State
•History of domestic and other violence
•Currently in anger mgmt
•Controlling & Obsessive behaviors
•Years & years of marriage counseling
•See’s current situation as a game
•Discourages relationship with half-sisters
•Possible inappropriate relationship with step-daughter

My husband has not had stable employment our entire marriage, makes poor financial decisions and has mental health issues. Is this is type of stuff I need to have proof to show to the court for my reason to want to move?

Thanks in advance.

#773846 - 07/29/17 02:04 AM Re: Recently filed for divorce...question about moving [Re: proudmommaof5]
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You are implying a SEXUAL ASSAULT of a MINOR RELATIVE in the list of BAD things about Dad. Yet you make NO mention of it in the top, where you are trying to make your case for you having custody.

Very serious charges, you better have CONCRETE evidence, or you will look bitter and controlling to the judge.
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#773877 - 08/21/17 05:28 PM Re: Recently filed for divorce...question about moving [Re: gr8Dad]
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There was an incident that I found out my husband had taken a video of my then 13 year old daughter trying on bras. I immediately confronted him and when he admitted to it I took my daughter to the police station. They questioned her and then called him and got his side of the story. I was told that he had deleted the video and it would be hard to recover the video if I wanted to press charges and my daughter would have to testify.

The officer felt after talking to him and my daughter that there was no sexual intent but poor decision making. He said there would be a police report on file if anything else ever happened. I felt like I did the right thing in the situation but I don't care what any police office or judge has to was inappropriate!!

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