I posted this in the FL forum but thought it might fit here too:

Are there legal protections for adult children living with a parent?

My adult children currently live with their father in Florida in order to attend college. If it matters, I was given sole custody in the divorce; we never changed any of the legal arrangements when they moved down there as they are now adults.

My question concerns the children's rights as college students living with a parent: my ex-husband has twice threatened to throw them out of the house, once for not cleaning their room and now because I sent them money. (Really. I'm absolutely serious. He's a narcissist.) Anyway, are there any legal protections in FL either as dependent-but-adult-student-children, or even as tenants (although they don't pay rent) that would prevent their father from actually evicting them?

Obviously, his threats affect the kids' futures: short-term as their attention and energy is diverted away from their educations; and long-term as they would not be able to continue their studies if they lost their home there. I am looking into options to bring them back here, but many credits may not transfer - and one of the kids should get their B.S. next semester.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.