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#773850 - 08/02/17 12:56 PM How to Give Up on a 35 year marriage
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I am interested in talking to others who have left or thought of leaving a very long marriage. I have been with my husband so long that it is hard for me to imagine a life without him but I also can't imagine going on as it is. He is being unfaithful and likely has been for quite some time. He knows I know but is insisting it doesn't exist, saying they meet to discuss work (it's a coworker). I have sought counseling and the help and support of family and friends and everyone says I need to leave but I am finding this difficult. How do you do this after 35 years. How do I find a new sense of self. How do I explain this to my adult children who have expressed pride in the fact that their parents are still together. I am 59 and afraid of spending the rest of my life alone.

#773943 - 09/18/17 06:16 PM Re: How to Give Up on a 35 year marriage [Re: JayJay]
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You sound like someone I know... :-( She's still w her DH, and herself-esteem is at -100 due to his cheating.

In my opinion, you need to understand that you are already alone.

I think the first step is to get out there. Do some traveling, make friends, join a support group with older women who have divorced later in life. And start working on yourself. You will never be alone, because you have kids, family and friends. And believe me there are older single men. Dating is hard at any age.

A loveless marriage w/ a cheating husband is worse than being alone.


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