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#773870 - 08/14/17 06:58 PM Behind on Child support, but told kids he gives $$
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I am infuriated. My ex husband is over $35,000 behind in child support, and has only been paying regularly for the past year (we've been divorced 6). When he does pay, he never pays the full amount, always at least $100 short. We have 3 children and he is only required to pay $500/month, and he can't do that, but felt compelled to tell the children (ages 7,9,11) that he gives me money. Can anyone explain to me why on earth a child would need to know about child support at all?

On top of that, he has missed the last two months of payments, when it could really be used toward school supplies. But he did manage to apparently meet a woman and see her enough times to want to introduce her to our kids. I'm fine with him moving on, I am happily remarried, what gets me is how can someone have money to date when they don't have money to pay child support? My new husband bust his butt to help provide for all of us, and my ex gives himself the credit. He has told the children not to call my husband "Dad", has told them to lie to me or not tell me things more than once (to where my daughter was in tears once when she accidently said something).

I try to keep my children out of the grown-up issues, but he seems to constantly try to bring them in. I am just so overwhelmed and don't know how to deal with this man.

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#773984 - 10/05/17 10:24 AM Re: Behind on Child support, but told kids he gives $$ [Re: Go'stros]
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Seriously, get some therapy.

You can't control your ex. It's been 6 years since you divorced so stop trying.

By the way, your children should never be calling their step dad, "dad."

It's one of the "cardinal sins" that is a factor in losing custody.

So, do the kids know that dad is behind on child support? I'll bet they do.....but then, you would never drag the kids into adult issues, right?


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