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#773893 - 09/01/17 01:47 AM Social Security and child support
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I am receiving social security retirement and because I have two minor children I was receiving benefits for them also... after the divorce when I received the payments for my children I would pass on the amount on to my ex for child support... niw, she recently went to social security and had those payments diverted from me and sent directly to her... which I don't mind... the rub us now she claims these payments from social security are separate and distinct from child support and that I should now also give her child support in addition to what she is getting from social security...IS SHE RIGHT ABOUT THAT???

When the court calculated support they included those benefits for minors as part of my income...

Can she double dip??

Thanks and nervous wreck...

#773913 - 09/10/17 02:15 PM Re: Social Security and child support [Re: John007]
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You need a legal advisor for that.

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#773917 - 09/11/17 01:01 AM Re: Social Security and child support [Re: John007]
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It depends on the state. Either way, you need to talk to someone for legal advice. My state actually puts social security (for the kids) into the child support computation as income for the parent on whose record they are receiving the payment. But, then the amount received is counted against what is owed. If the SS amount is more than the CS that is owed, the CP gets to keep it for the kids. If it is less than what is owed, the NCP owes the balance.


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