I hope this is the correct forum for posting this topic.

To summarize the main background points - my wife gained employment in an American company in Tokyo - she is not American. The company provides benefits to employees, such as the payment of private school fees. Her colleagues all take advantage of this.

Now that my son has reached school age I requested the payment of school fees via her company.

My wife claims that she is unable to claim this benefit because she is not a US citizen - apparently only US employees in her office can gain this benefit.

There is a long history of other stuff that I won't get in to, but basically, it is likely my son is a secret to her work (and colleagues and friends). In any case her story of a non-US citizen not receiving the same benefits as US citizens for the same job seems highly unlikely.

Is it even legal for an employer to discriminate like that? If our divorce goes to court (currently in mediation), is there any riposte I could formulate to my wife's claim? I moved city and stayed in Japan (not my home country) two years ago on the promise that my son would be able to have his fees paid if I stayed here after our break up (at great personal cost). Suddenly, this promise has been reneged upon.

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