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#773929 - 09/16/17 04:29 PM Home Occpancy
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Hi all. Question ... my husband wants a divorce but won't move out. He no longer contributes anything (time or money) to the care/upkeep of the home. I pay all bills relative to the home with the exception of the electric bill, water and sewer. He was going to pay those bills. I just learned he has not paid those bills and water/electric about to be shut off. He still has no intention to pay them. I have no extra money (all my money going to mortgage, insurance, gas bill, food, vet bills of aging pet, etc., etc.). Husband travels a lot with work - says he doesn't care if I don't have water or electric. I simply need him to leave (for emotional and financial relief) but he won't. He's on the title and mortgage of the home. Do I have any legal recourse in getting him to leave?

#773932 - 09/16/17 11:57 PM Re: Home Occpancy [Re: sad2bhere]
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Have you gone to a lawyer to talk them? Many provide free initial consultations so you can find out where you stand. I think you seriously need to have a professional advise you because it doesn't appear that he wants to make this a friendly divorce. Start collecting all of the documentation that you can regarding bills, investments, insurance, retirement, bank accounts. Get copies of your tax returns and W-2's. You will need to keep these in a safe place out of the house because if he finds them, he will probably take them.

#773938 - 09/17/17 06:26 PM Re: Home Occpancy [Re: sad2bhere]
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What state are you in?

You definitely need to consult a lawyer. Make sure to keep track of everything.

At the end of the day he's co-owner of that house and has rights to stay in there. I know in California legally you couldn't really get rid of him, unless you filed a restraining order against him, and requested control of the property (which you can request he help pay).

I'm not sure what your objective is, since he travels so much anyway. Ask him to stay somewhere else until the divorce is final. I have seen so many people get caught up wasting time and money fighting jerks through the courts.


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