I have contacted lawyers but I am curious about experiences regarding division of assets in marital home. We lived in his separate home, which he put $40k down for. I lived in home since its purchase in 2014. I contributed to the household. Married Feb 2016. We sold home in May 2016. I signed the sales documents-- realtors stated because we were married I had to agree to sale. We received proceeds as married couple in amount of $70k.

We reinvested entire amount in to new home in May 2016.

We separated July 2017. He demanded I move out. I have since paid half of the mortgage plus my own cost of living. I have been living on savings.

When this home sells, what amount will I be entitled to, if any? Can I claim any of the proceeds since we purchased home married with $ that was written out to both of us? Or is he entitled to $70k since it was $ he got for separate property and then I get whatever is left (which will be essentially nothing based on market assessment and realtor costs).

I might have naively assumed since we got the $ from his home as a married couple and reinvested in this marital home, I was entitled to something? I can't imagine I contributed to both homes but will get nothing from the proceeds?

In Texas.