Have a custody order with visitation rights for my son and not my daughter? Here is my situation. Due to financial hardships, my son lives with his dad primarily (this is a temporary arrangement until I am done fixing up my son's room). My daughter does not know her dad, nor does he care to see her. He will attempt to schedule a visit, but cancel it with little to no notice. I am completely fine with that, as any visits from dad with my daughter would have to be supervised b/c I fear for my daughter's safety. I know some people will wonder why would he be safe for one child and not the other, but he is caring and loving when it comes to our son, and plain negligent and aggressive towards our daughter. She has never lived with him other than when she was a newborn--when I officially left him. He attacked me while holding my daughter and threw water at us both. After this incident, I left.

So, ultimately, I want both my son and daughter to live with me primarily with him having visitation rights with our son only...40/60 or whatever. We've been pretty good at following our parenting plan schedule with no hassle. I don't believe he is interested at all in having visitation with my daughter. So, I am wondering if it's possible to just have a parenting plan that includes visitation with our son only? What do you think? I'm in FL