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#774170 - 12/22/17 03:19 AM Why do I feel this way
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I've got a question and wanted to know if I'm the only one going through this. I've been divorced for 6 years or so now. My marriage was very crazy. The sex was great but there was never any real intimacy. I'll admit the issues I had and my part in the downfall of my marriage but she never has. She connected with an x boyfriend on Facebook and ended up having an affair. We actually got into an argument one night and she kicked me out and said she wanted a divorce. Shortly after I found out about the affair. We had money problems and all sorts of things. She was also very cruel to me. I dealt with it for awhile but we started to really have problems when I got sick of it and started to stand up to her. Everything was my fault though according to her. I tried to reach out and figure out what was wrong with her and she gave me answers that I fixed but it was just a lie. That's just a little history. However, once we split up she said I turned her the way she was. Thing is since we have split up she has gotten worse. She lies constantly, she has stolen from me, and all sorts of things. She acts like she is the best person on the planet but since I was with her for awhile I see right through it. Just a few examples. We have 2 sons and one of them was watching porn. When I brought it up to talk to him about it he told me she found out to and laughed and said it was normal. He's 11 and it's not normal. She is still with the man who she cheated on me with. I've asked her not to bring up things he does for my kids. Not that I don't expect it but no man wants to hear about another man raising their kids. She still does it and will repeat herself several times to make sure I heard her. When she does things and I could write a novel about all the crap she has done just since we split up she deflects or lies or says I'm the one who did it. It's total madness. To the point where I don't even talk to her about things, only scheduling conflicts with the kids. Her boyfriend was 30k behind on child support and his x spouse forgave the debt. I was laid off for a few months years ago and was 700 behind and she wouldn't even acknowledge me when I asked her to forgive it even after she claimed both kids on tax return ( divorce decree ) and I had to lay 2k in taxes because I didn't get to claim one. So, while I would not be with her again I find myself searching the internet for what's wrong with this person. Does anyone else do this? So far I've convinced myself she is a narccicist, sex addict control freak. What I'm really trying to do is forgive but when I'm getting there she does something else. Am I crazy? Any advice?

#774171 - 12/22/17 03:19 AM Re: Why do I feel this way [Re: Paddy]
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#774172 - 12/23/17 04:18 AM Re: Why do I feel this way [Re: Paddy]
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