Hello everyone. I really need advice as to what to do but to be honest, I can't afford thousands for a lawyer.

My husband and I split in February of 2000 when my daughter was 6. She is now 24 and an adult. I have had no contact with my husband since leaving.

I do however now have a son by another man. He is now 9 years old.

I had filed for divorce years ago while my daughter was still young. I was required to take child parenting classes. I never took them by the end of the year of filing and lost the money invested in the divorce papers and filing. The divorce just kind of was put in the back of my mind ever since.

Now that I have my son I was told in order to file again I would still have to take those parenting classes due to my son legally being my husband's. So I have taken them. No problem.

Now what? I know my husband lives in Kansas but have no idea what city. So I am not sure how to serve him. And.. if legally my son is his because we were still married when I conceived, will this play into the divorce in any way?

Also, it has been so long since we've been together, there really never was any property and what there was I let him have. I don't want anything. I just want to cut ties fully. He has his own life and children with another and I have my life raising my son.