i went to family court to get divorced.i got indigent status.we have been separated about 8-9 years..i found out he took an early retirement 9 years ago,and has been collection our pension since.he got job with pension when we were together,with our three kids.i had no idea he took an early retirement and was collecting the pension. i have been told half the pension was mine,but because i had not filed for divorce,it didn't count and he would not have to pay me back.he has always told me if i divorced him that i would not be able o keep getting insurance through him .he is telling me now that florida law does not recognize separation.Is this all true.he made a deal with me to start giving me my share of pension from now on and paid me 5000.00 this was when i thought he had retired 4 years ago.then i found the early retirement thing. for the deal i agreed to voluntary dismissal of my petition of the divorce. did i do the best thing? is what he tells me true?