I got married when I was very young (18) and our marriage didn't last as long as I had hoped it would (I wanted to be with him forever at the time). A year and a half into our marriage he started doing drugs and drinking heavily (underage). I told him he needed to stop so he could hold down a job in California's terrible economy and instead I came home from school on June 7th 2015 and he was gone along with all of his belongings. I haven't heard from him since, have no clue where he lives, and his family blocked me on all social media and actually changed their phone numbers. I moved to New Mexico 8 months ago and have recently been looking into divorce in this state because I was unable to file in California without an address for him. (I tried to divorce him many times and every time my paperwork was invald for missing information about him). How can I divorce him when I don't know if he's even dead or alive? I need help please!!!!