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#774234 - 01/21/18 11:17 PM Dont know what to do, i may become homeless. Help
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Hello everyone, i am new to this site and i am at a total loss for what to do.
I seperated from my husband early 2017, over the years he has got into so much debt, i dont even know what he owes. He also ran up debt in my name to the sum of 20k. We have 3 children aged 3, 5 and 7 and due to this i am only able to work part time. He has moved out and rents his own apartment. We have the house up for sale as it will end up in forclosuer but i will only recieve about 2k due to all the debt he has put on the mortgage, he refuses to ay child support, ( thinks he is helping if he pays the gas bill ) im behind on all my bills, food vouchers have stopped and i have to reapply which could take a month, cant afford anywhere to rent without him paying child support and have poor credit score and am scared i will end up homeless before it even gets to court.
Any help would be great as i am a total mess for what i can do. Very scared.

#774378 - 02/23/18 11:05 PM Re: Dont know what to do, i may become homeless. Help [Re: Hard times]
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What state are you in, what are your respective incomes and where is the $2K/month coming from?

#774384 - 02/26/18 07:15 AM Re: Dont know what to do, i may become homeless. Help [Re: Hard times]
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New Jersey. I got divorce yesterday


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