Good morning with everyone, I wanted to ask you a question:
I am Peruvian and I currently live in Peru.
I got married in Florida-Plantation 1 year and 3 months ago, we realized that this does not work and we want to get divorced. We have no children, no house, currently she lives with her parents. The only common good we have is a car.
Well I was talking to a lawyer and he wants to charge me 3000 dollars more court procedures, etc.
I want to know if we are not divorcing by mutual agreement and we have nothing to fight, no children, we do not have debts, nor any common good more than the car, is it really necessary to hire a lawyer?

Another question:
We both have to go to court or just need to go to one of the two, I ask this because I live in Peru and she lives in Florida-Plantation.

If she asks me for alimony or maintenance?
would it correspond to her or not? Please support me by not having to give her that as I want to get rid of her completely.
The only reason that I have to believe that she might ask for alimony, is because she does not like to work

Thank you very match for your time all, have a nice day

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