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#774439 - 03/13/18 10:41 PM 60b filed to vacate divorce - but I'm remarrying
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Boy do I have a doozie for you guys...

I was divorced almost 2 years ago via a dissolution. The divorce was FINAL almost 2 years ago.

Since then, I have met an amazing woman, and we are planning on getting married.

The way my ex filed the 60b was for a FULL dismissal of the decree, which would mean that technically, we would still be married. (IF the judgement is in her favor)

I feel that the trial went very well. To be honest, I would be completely shocked if her motion isn't denied. She was caught in several lies and didn't prove her case at all, whereas I was able to successfully prove against it in every way.

That being said... we are now waiting for the "judgement" on the case.

BUT... and here is the doozie... I am scheduled to be remarried in about 3 weeks.

We don't have the judgement back yet, so I don't know the outcome of the trial yet.

If the trial is judged in my favor, then there is no issue. BUT.. if the trial is judged in HER favor, we would technically still be married.

So what happens if I do go through with getting remarried if a judgement hasn't been made prior to the date that I get remarried?

See what I mean... it's a doozie... wedding plans have already been made. People have already paid for flights, etc...

It is absolutely unreal that I even have to go through this, 2 years after a final divorce. She tried making several false claims in her motion to qualify for the 60b, which I was able to show very clear proof countering all of her claims.

So... your thoughts? advice? and if anyone could point me to legal code showing how situations like this are handled, that would be GREAT! I can't imagine this hardly EVER happens... so finding anything in google has proven to be a flop.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

#774444 - 03/14/18 08:16 PM Re: 60b filed to vacate divorce - but I'm remarrying [Re: Apex]
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Someone is looking for quick cash settlement, it might be that $1,500.00 cash money and some legal paperwork signature, they go back under the rock they crawled out from.

Do consult a lawyer, however, most cases that I have know about, it is usually a jealous X that wants to impact your marriage plans.

Run to an attorney, get local advice, and maybe the cash will tip the scales.

#774451 - 03/15/18 12:01 PM Re: 60b filed to vacate divorce - but I'm remarrying [Re: Chesterfield]
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Too late for that... it already went to trial. I'm already $10,000 into an attorney...

We are just waiting on the judgement for the case now, which "could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years"

Meanwhile... I seem to be in this middle limbo land...


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