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#774433 - 03/13/18 03:06 AM She wants house and alimony
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Hi all,
My wife and i decided to part ways and get a divorce, she said she filed the divorce and want a smooth process. during ou4 4 years of marriage, I own a house that i bought during our marriage 2 years ago.
now she want the house and Alimony, she also said that we can keep our debts.
my questions are:
1.Should i wait for her lawyer to contact me before i hire a lawyer or should i hire a lawyer now?
2. i told her that she can take the house but i will not pay any alimony because the house should compensate for alimony.
3. she makes 30k and i make 110000k
what should i do in this situation?


#774443 - 03/14/18 08:12 PM Re: She wants house and alimony [Re: Max321]
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Hire Lawyer immediately, if not sooner. Do not agree to anything until you talk with your Lawyer. The forms section have a lot of great worksheets to help you figure out valuations and also generally accepted guidelines. Figure out what your state specific guidelines are. 4 years of marriage is not even close to 15-20 years with large and long support judgements.

Again, do not sign anything, email, text or voice confirming commitments until you speak with your attorney.


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