So my ex hit me 3 weeks ago with the whole "cant do this anymore" so i have moved in with a guy i work with. She initially wanted me to sign over the house to her, but there is 200k in equity in the house so obviously im not doing that. She is now trying to claim that even if we sell once our debt is paid it only leaves around 20k each so she is offering me 10k which obviously I am not taking. She also claims she will only ask for 650 a month child support but that it "could" be 3x as much if we let the courts decide. Now i am not an idiot. She makes around 25k more a year than I do so she is flat out wrong and I plan on fighting for 50/50 custody anyway. I had no intentions of going after her for alimony but the crap she is pulling now is irking me. I had to sell my tacoma to be able to afford driving back and forth and bough a used car and pocketed the rest. She has a 4runner valued at probably more than my tacoma was that she owes around 5k. Now we have no other debt other than a few k on a credit card and she has student loan debt. She claims I am responsible for half but according to CA law that is not true unless the judge orders it as benefitted the community. She also claims the money her family gave us to help us buy a house also factors in but again i dont believe that too be true as it was a gift given to both of us. I am planning on seeing if we can try mediation but if i need to get a lawyer i will.