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#772964 - 01/30/17 01:06 AM logistical process for name change question
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Hi all. I'm taking my maiden name back after divorce. We also have assets to divide, accounts that need to be put in my name alone, his name alone, etc. The house is going to be signed over to me and so is my car. So my question is this: Do I change my name with social security, Drivers License etc first, and then divide assets/transfer accounts and properties to my new (old) name? Or do we divide everything first, with my married name that's already on most of the stuff, then after everything has been divided, get my name changed on all of it? I'm anxious to get my old name back but I'll wait if I should. Thoughts? Thanks!

#774326 - 02/13/18 07:01 PM Re: logistical process for name change question [Re: orangemartini]
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Mortgage company or landlord? I don't know what the procedure is for deeds or leases, if a party's name changes.

Don't forget your car registration as well as your driver's license.

Library card, if you have one?

#774611 - 04/26/18 03:11 PM Re: logistical process for name change question [Re: orangemartini]
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I know this is a bit late but here's my advice (for anyone reading this with the same question). I would start with the SS card and driver's license. They are relatively easy. Make lots of photo copies of the decree that gives you your maiden name back. You will probably have to send one with each request you make.

Before splitting assets, have accounts set up in your maiden name. The division process will be the same no matter what your name is. Assets of a large amount will probably be noted FBO ("For the Benefit Of") and your name——whatever name you give them. If you use an account under you maiden name from the start, you won't have to go back and go through changing it.


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