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#774628 - 04/30/18 02:59 PM First Timer Cali Misc Questions
ItsPat Offline
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Hello, I am new to this, and wanted to get some advice.

I assume the answer to the below questions is "It does not matter in California" any advice appreciated:

- I have been faithful to my wife, but she has not
- I have copies of email to/from her lover for the last 3 years
- not sure how legal that is (?)
- She has not worked for 18 years
- She likely has borderline personality disorder and/or bi-polar and/or narcissistic. Never diagnosed that I know of. On antidepressants
- I am on antidepressants
- She screams at me for the silliest stuff. She often apologizes the next day.
- I never scream at her, ever.
- I have full time+ stressful job yet do much of the domestic work
- She doesn't do much at home, but thinks I don't do anything
- We are not intimate. She has always been a
bit of a prude (with me anyway - sad)
- I am a complete wimp and have never confronted her with any of this. I am not so smart or good at debate.

Financial questions:
- I don't want my teenage child to be poor or miss college
- I don't want to be homeless but I don't understand how my one salary can pay for her to keep the house and my to rent a room. I'm assuming that's the sad reality of california divorse.
- I plan to retire some day, is there any related timing I should consider in regards to pension and investments
- My parents are not rich, but have property - similar question
- We own portions of a house & cars, but have no liquid cash in bank

Anything I should do or understand?

#774636 - 05/02/18 11:20 PM Re: First Timer Cali Misc Questions [Re: ItsPat]
matilda Offline

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I would go out immediately and get a consultation with an attorney so that you can get a better understanding of your situation. Some lawyers provide free initial consultations. Also start collecting copies of all financial documents and putting them in a safe place that she cannot get to and take.


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