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#774658 - 05/14/18 07:05 PM Leased Car / Washington State
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I was wandering if anyone has any knowledge on this issue. My fiance' had a 2015 Nissan Pathfinder leased in her ex husbands name. The lease is up this December and she needed to get rid of it early due to being needed for our growing family and traded it for a GMC Yukon 2 weeks ago. In the divorce paperwork, it states that the vehicle will be in her possession and her responsibility. Well after she traded it in 2 weeks ago, the dealership is calling her back saying her ex-husband will not sign the documents they sent him and she needs to return the vehicle ASAP. Is there anything we can do here? We do not want the pathfinder back and she has whatever negative finances came about with this trade were all added onto her loan, so it wouldn't financially affect him.

#774661 - 05/15/18 05:39 PM Re: Leased Car / Washington State [Re: MTIMKO]
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You have 2 choices. One, go to court and force his signature (which will be ordered). Have the documents with you and it will be done. Problem is, it could take 6 months to have a hearing.

The other choice is to offer $100 to him to sign the papers. He will probably say no, I want $200. Pay the money, get the signature.


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