He and I have been separated for 4 years. Divorce not final because I haven't been willing to and he hasn't forced it. This gf thing has happened twice. A year ago when he and I were talking...again...about whether we were going to finalize divorce or try to reconcile..so she sent me flowers and a message on my birthday and then posted a photo on his Facebook of him in a t-shirt that said "Sorry, this guy is already taken by a smokin' hot ____". I could hardly contain myself.
Again recently, he approached me saying they broke up so maybe we could try to reconcile? But on his terms- no talking about why we broke up after 17 yrs, just move forward. I said the only path to reconciliation is to talk about whether the past issues are indeed past for us, to know if we could move ahead differently. Silence. Then I start seeing them together again. No communication. Then they show up where they knew I would be at on Mother's Day, and she sends me a super sappy Mother's Day message...?? Now, if I sent her a nice message that would feel different, like I am trying to be a nice person, but something feels really weird about this. Am I reading into it? Or is this some power thing that girlfriends do that someone can identify/name for me? Has this happened to anyone else??