Hi, I am a divorced, non-custodial father in NJ, which requires parents to contribute "Something" to college. The formula is rather complex - based on income, whether you went to college, how much the kids can contribute, student is full time, other factors.

My conundrum is. . .when I divorced my attorney advised against solidifying a # to contribute to college. On last hearing my attorney didn't pay much attention to my case and so I had to go pro se. During the hearing (I think things were fair and honestly no regrets going pro se) the Judge said, "College is coming up. I expect things to be worked out."

Of course, my ex is combative most of the time. I'll try to bring her to the table but I give it 50/50 at best, more like 20:80 odds on that.

My question is. . .it seems like the Family Court is sort of a "mafia" with the Judge as the Dom and attorneys as goombas. Let's say I am able to save $20,000 for college for each kid. It would appear the mafia would shake me down for more, no matter how hard I work. They seem to NEVER be satisified or impressed. In that they are like horny teenage boys for money from the father. . .sex 5x/day isn't enough. You give them 5x/day and they want 6 and something on the side.

But if I have saved 0, it would appear like the Mafia all they can do is break my thumbs a bit and say, "Gee he has no money but keep attaching child support."

IN other words, I may as well just play poor mouth and just pull my empty pockets out and say "Gee Fat Tony, I ain't got nothing."

Are my optics right on this?

I have to tell you - barring any major, SSI-qualifying disability, I'd rather just have a number I am responsible for rather than this nebulous "something." I WANT to be a benefactor in my kid's lives but the Mafia spooks me.

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