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#774759 - 06/22/18 08:24 PM 28 Yr Marriage Property Equitable State
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So after 25 + yrs of marriage, I am starting to feel that it is time to move on.
It is a complicated situation and any help would be greatly appreciated.
I am the husband, to have that fact out firstly. 2 full grown children, moved out. We live in an Equitable State.

First off no debt, house is paid for all vehicles paid for. I have worked for the past 28 yrs since we have been together, every dime of my pay checks have went into "our" bank account, I have no separate accounts with "my own money" I do have a somewhat sizable 401k, which I understand half of that should belong to her.

We have bought a house and a boat (2 cars as well) with cash, and both of our names are on everything we own. Everything is paid for fully. Any trips we take debt is put on CC's and then paid for.

Here is where it gets a little complicated, about 10 years ago she inherited a large sum of money, I understand that this is hers alone. But she actually bought the house from "her" inheritance bank account. She has many bank accounts, I have never concerned myself with her private financial business. But we put the house in both of our names.

Now I don't want to rake her for a profit, but I don't want to be left out of doors either. Since she inherited she has not worked, but through investments she makes $100,000 a yr with quite a bit of money in her many accounts a lot mote than my 401k will ever produce. Compared to my $80,000 plus I provide benefits/insurance for both of us. Also the 401k I contribute to for our future.

If she can prove that the money she bought the house with came from her inheritance, am I done for as to any equity in the house? I have, as stated contributed every penny I have earned into our lives. But "our" account pays for monthly bills, food gas etc, not much left in it month to month.

Haven't mentioned my intentions to her about anything as I know she will move money around and any current CC debt though small usually gets paid off right away, I know that they would be halted any payment. Haven't talked with a lawyer yet either.
I don't want to take anything that is not rightfully mine, but I don't want to be a fool and have nothing to show for 28 yrs of working either.
No one knows of my intentions but me, does anyone have any advice or insights to what I may be facing?

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#774770 - 06/24/18 04:35 PM Re: 28 Yr Marriage Property Equitable State [Re: ForPleasure]
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The house may be co-mingled, it depends on your state. I'd want to know if she intends to ask for alimony. If not, I might just let those assets go. If she does intend to, then all assets are on the table.


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