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#774826 - 07/24/18 05:24 PM Should I Sign? Please Help!
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My husband and I have been married 17 years. We have one daughter whom is 17. We just bought a new house a year ago that we own jointly. After enduring years of verbal abuse, I told him I wanted a divorce. A few weeks later he told me he had a appointment with a divorce attorney. We wanted to go uncontested with a minor child to make things as cheap and fast as possible. I told him what I would agree to and even wrote it down and he said it was fine. I also suggested we both just go to a mediator since we agreed on everything and he said no. So he went to his lawyer alone and a paralegal drew up our settlement agreement and divorce papers. I was given the papers by him on my birthday 7-14 and it said I had 15 days to get the papers back to his lawyer.
Does this seem like enough time?
After reading through the agreement I noticed he left out a lot of things and changed things. One thing to mention is he makes a lot more money than me and I’m letting him keep the house that I put thousands of dollars in just a year ago. Here are the things he changed.

Agreed I would have full custody of our daughter: Agreement said 50/50

Agreed he would pay her medical insurance from his job: Agreement said it was 50/50

Agreed he would give a year of child support: Agreement has no support

Agreed that he would give me $3000 for moving after signing: Agreement says I’ll get no money until it’s been filed and I have 45 days to move out

Agreed that I would keep the dogs: They were not listed in agreement

Agreed on furniture splitting: Not included in agreement

Agreed he would sign over the title to our daughters car to her: Agreement said he is owner of the mustang which is in both our names

After telling him this isn’t what he agreed to he said that he would give me a extra $2000 for the child support up front because he didn’t want me going after him if he can’t pay and scribbled out the $3000 to $5000. He also told me that it’s too expensive to change the agreement and if I don’t sign, he’ll drag it out until she’s 18. I can’t live with him much longer and have no where else to go? I work as a server and make about $2800 a month while he makes more than $5000 a month. I also haven’t been able to save because I’m still making mortgage payments and paid half to get the A/C repaired on a house I’m not even keeping.

So he’ll give me $5000 for moving and child support and hope that he doesn’t decide to fight for the dogs and furniture that we verbally agreed to. That’s all I will get. I’m not asking for alimony.
He’ll get to keep our home ( I have a quit claim deed) and all of our high end appliances ect.
Our bank accounts and credit cards have always been separate and we’ve always paid 50/50 for everything.

So should I just sign it and be done and hope he follows through or have his attorney change it? Am I getting a horrible deal?

The thing that is bothering me most is signing over my ownership of my house in exchange for $5000. In a year this house will be worth even more. I can’t afford my own attorney that’s why I wanted to go to a mediator but seems like he didn’t want me being there. Also, rent in my area is a lot. I’m in Florida if that means anything. Please help! I want to be done but I don’t want to cut off my nose to spite my face.

#774827 - 07/24/18 10:04 PM Re: Should I Sign? Please Help! [Re: PielePew]
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50/50 is pretty much standard in FL for physical and legal custody. It's what a court would award.

Medical insurance is typically pro rated. You should be paying 36%.

Child support would be minimal and yes, he could easily stretch it out for a year, after child support would end. You could get it awarded now if you move out with a temporary hearing, but you would need an attorney. It would probably cost more than the total support you would get.

As for the house, how much equity is in it? That's the key as to whether it's worth $3000 or $5000 or whatever it may be.

Furniture and other materials items need to be clarified now, otherwise you would have to go back to court later to get anything.

I wouldn't sign anything unless the dogs were 100% written to me. I I have dogs. I wouldn't give them up for the world!

Make a list of what you need changed to agree. It doesn't sound like the 2 of you are that far apart. Once he reads it, it's possible to mediate yourselves at your kitchen table.

Your requests are for the most part, reasonable. If he won't agree, you will have to hire an attorney if you want better results. Come back when you have more info. Thanks.

#774842 - 07/29/18 12:21 AM Re: Should I Sign? Please Help! [Re: MinnesotaMom]
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Thank you so much for the reply! I have written down the modifications to be added to the agreement and told him to send it to the lawyer to change.
I listed all the items we agreed to and of course said my dogs had to be in there or it’s a no go. Really surprised he left them out.
I found out that since he gets insurance from his job, that he will be paying for our daughters medical and dental also ok with the 50/50 custody.
I do need to have a appraiser come out and see how much equity is in our home. The home values have been going up in our town but it has only been a year. The rentals in our town are very expensive so I feel like I’m getting the crap end of the deal.
Again thanks so much for the reply!

#776279 - 07/08/19 12:21 PM Re: Should I Sign? Please Help! [Re: PielePew]
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