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#775016 - 11/15/18 09:49 PM Question(s) Adoption
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First I want to apologize if this is not the correct forum for these questions. Here goes:

Can anyone explain to me what this means in an adoption matter?

Does it mean I am not allowed to see or communicate with that individual?

"That I understand that when the adoption is final, the legal relation of parent and child between adoptee and me will be terminated, including all rights of the adoptee to inherit as a child from and through me, and that the adoption will extinguish any existing court order of custody, visitation, or communication with the adoptee."

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#775018 - 11/17/18 04:21 PM Re: Question(s) Adoption [Re: SGR]
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It says that it will extinguish visitation an communication. To me that means that you would not be allowed to talk with, write, or see said child ever again. You would also lose all rights to ever inherit money or property through that relationship. Basically the child will no longer legally be considered your child anymore.

#775025 - 11/20/18 12:31 PM Re: Question(s) Adoption [Re: SGR]
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I was told he won't be able to force the child to do anything that once was legaly binding. That the court orders that were in place are extinquished. And that I won't be able to stop the child when he/she turns 16 from going to see there bilogial parent. I guess the way this is treated it is no different than meeting a stranger(friends of friends). That was how it was explained to me, but seems confusing. Just wanted to hear anyone's take on it.



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