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#775153 - 01/21/19 09:57 PM School transportation and extracir. activities
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I have been divorced for 5 years now and I have 50/50 custody of my 10yo with my ex. My ex remarried last year against my wishes because I think we should be the only adults parenting our child. I just found out last week that my son’s father has been having his mother put my son on the bus every morning and that his new wife has been picking my son up from his school at least 2or3 days. I don’t think he should be allowed to do this. He should be transporting my son to school not someone else. Can I file with the court to have an order put in the custody to prevent him from doing this?
Also, against my wishes he has been taking my son to karate. I don’t want him such a violent sport and now my son is asking to go to his classes during his week with me. This is crazy and I’m wondering if I can make this stop?

#775156 - 01/21/19 11:46 PM Re: School transportation and extracir. activities [Re: mtb]
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1) "My ex remarried last year against my wishes because I think we should be the only adults parenting our child" Your view would not be upheld by a single judge in the US. Are you originally from another country or culture?
2) Unless your ex's new wife is a convicted child molester, the courts will have no problem with his her putting the child on a bus or picking him up.
3) You won't be able to stop the child from attending karate. You won't be required to take him there on your parenting time, however, if your son likes it, expect it to drive a wedge between the 2 of you.

#775218 - 02/23/19 01:58 PM Re: School transportation and extracir. activities [Re: mtb]
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This is about trying to exercise control in another household. You do not control what they do within the bounds of the law. Instead, try to focus on being the best parent you can be while they are with you.


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