Does the Pascale v Pascal rule (purchasing of a home with premarital funds) apply in PA as it does in NJ?
Hi I have a question regarding Pennsylvania law. I am on my second marriage. After I got married the second time, I sold my house that I lived in with my first wife and put that money in an account. I used this account (while being married to my second wife) to move money back and forth between that account with the sales of the house money and an account where I deposited my paycheck, bonus, mutual tax refund money account, back and forth between accounts. I then put my wife's name on both the account with the sale of the house and where my paycheck (and hers goes) (which by now had money going back and forth between sales of home account and paycheck account, etc). Also included in the account with sale of my premartial home is money from a sale of a home I had with my second wife. We then broke out the house account into two accounts with both names, but one with her as the primary owner and one with me as the primary owner. Now we are going to buy a house together and use both accounts that were broken out separately (we broke them out for beneficiary purposes) to purchase a home. If we happen to get divorce, does anyone know if I would get the original amount from my first house back, or does the Pascale v Pascale apply here in PA, even though Pascal v Pascale was in NJ. Thank you.