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#775325 - 04/01/19 09:15 PM I have an odd question...
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My ex to be moved in with me in my condo in Montana back in 2011 we were not married. His mother moved to Montana to live with us so I sold my condo and she sold her house in California and she bought a house where we all lived. It was a repo so got it for a steal and I immediately started renovating it before she arrived. She moved in, my husbands quit working to "take care" of her. I was working and also continued to remodel the house. She passed away by the end of 2012 and he inherited the house. We took the money I made from the condo sale the year before and he used a good chunk of his IRA to redo the entire house from top to bottom. I did the work mind you. After a couple of years we did get married. he continued not to work and I continued to work and remodel the house until we sold it in 2017. It was sold as owner financing because it was a difficult price range to sell so we are currently getting a monthly check from the new owners as if we were a bank. Most of it is interest. So for the last 2 years we have been living in Spain using that monthly check to live on. Fast forward to now and we are splitting up. Our lease is up in October and he wants to call it quits at that time. What I'm trying to figure out is financially am I able to claim any of that money that we are receiving each month. I have no doubt he feels as if he is paying for everything since it was a house his mom bought even though I spent 5 years of my life remodeling it including putting in my condo sale money, my income from working over the years etc. Any ideas? I realize that international law is different but for argument sake lets just say I live in Montana.


#775327 - 04/01/19 11:30 PM Re: I have an odd question... [Re: BearHugs]
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You probably won't have any right to any of the proceeds. If you took 1/2 the proceeds that have been received since 2017, does that come close to what you personally have into the home?

Are the current checks paid out to just him or both of you? What does that contract say?


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