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#775324 - 04/01/19 07:16 PM Ex lied on affidavit - what to do
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I am taking my ex of 6 years back to court for CS modification.Upon the printing of initial divorce decree, I see that he lied about his income by at least 50%(he still works the same job) and also got a $120 month credit for providing health insurance. He has only carried insurance the past 15 months and makes even more money now. I willingly took a lesser paying job closer to home 5 years ago and did not request modification since I willingly took the salary decrease. In August of 2017, I lost my job. I still did not take him back for a modification. In our divorce settlement, we agreed that our son would attend private school which I paid out of the $520 a month child support. I have since taken a part time job and filed for a modification. My current husband takes care of my son. My question is, should I pursue actions since he lied on his affidavit when we first divorced? This man thinks the world revolves around him. I have been more than fair. He is adamant that our son stay in private school which takes up all but about $20 of monthly support.

#775326 - 04/01/19 11:27 PM Re: Ex lied on affidavit - what to do [Re: jal2019]
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Did he provide a current tax return? That's what the court will go by. As for private school, does your decree address it? If not, you can put him in public school, although I wouldn't without seeing an attorney first.

#775329 - 04/02/19 01:53 PM Re: Ex lied on affidavit - what to do [Re: jal2019]
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I am going to have past tax returns subpoenaed. Yes, our divorce decree states that the child remain in private school. I feel like that cannot be mandated if he's not helping pay for it. I am just wondering if they would retro the child support once it's proven to the court that he lied on the affidavit.


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