I am new here so forgive me if I posted this in error.

Here is my current situation. Not getting a divorce but my spouse is not acknowledging my equity and labor that I put in her house.

So she bought a house about a year before we started dating... She paid 115k and put 10k down. About 6 months after we met we moved in together at which time I started paying half the mortgage and bills.... During that time we also started remodeling the house which I did all the labor myself for free and we both paid half for the supplies.. After about 4 years living like this we got married and have been married for 1.5 years now.

We want to buy a new house but I have approx 55k in debt which is all mine and she wants me to pay all that off before we can buy a new house. We do not have joint bank accounts or credit cm account together. The house is in her name only. I told her we could sell the house and use my part of the equity to payoff my debt so we can buy a new place but she doesn't seem to think I have any right to any equity because the house is on her name only. She says she doesn't want to help. Me pay off the debt that I accumulated myself but I keep trying to tell her that selling this house and using the equity to payoff my debt would allow us to buy a new house faster. She doesn't seem to agree

What should we do... I am not asking her for half of all the equity but surely I should be entitled to some of it because I paid for half the remodeling costs and did the labor myself right?? Also we live in Texas. No children and I have her on my benefits at work. We both have jobs

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