I live in So cal, MY husband file for divorce and child custody of our 10 yr old son, * soon to be 11 yr old* he waited til right before i was going in to have bariatric sleeve surgery to file, knowing i was not going to have time to respond and i didn't for i couldn't get into the legal aide place to get papers filed in time for free, i have no money , past the 30 days , i infact had to go to sheriffs dept and pick papers up myself they were not brought to me and served. they left a card on my door with a case # i called and they said i had to come pick up papers at sheriffs office like a dummy i ran down there and picked them up, anyways past the 30 days to respond what can i do , i do not wanna lose my son, he Andrew a my world . his dad is NEVER home spending time with him, he i ALWAYS with his gf of 4 yrs , I cannot afford a lawyer, now he is threatening to get one, and has 2 paralegals in his family. i have no one HELP!!!!!I am the one who is with my son all the time i do everything for him, he just pays the bills and runs around with that woman , sabotaged my jobs, emotional, financial, mental and emotional abuse.. can i obtain a lawyer and make him pay, if so how do i do that? some help me i don't know what to do, my son cant stand his dad, as for he is never here spending time with him and is not nice to either of us and drinks constantly the little time he is here, pretty sure is on meth as well, I am worried about the well being of my son if he gets him-- i have neighbors writing letters to attest my son is ALWAYS with me and father never around -- but i read if i didn't respond in the 30 days i will lose all rights . This would be a total injustice to my son he only wants him cause he don't wanna part with his precious money

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