Hi, my first post. My oldest son wants to live with his father. He is 15, I have homeschooled him since 3rd grade, he has been with me 24/7 practically all his life, I have been 100% care giver. I'm having a very very hard time with it. Our divorce has not been finalized, so no orders are in place. Officials tell us they cant make the kids go with either parent right now. His father is staying with his parents in a 2 bedroom mobile home, old and filthy. My son has to sleep on the couch. The kids are enrolled in school now due to me having to work full time, in Alabama. My husband is staying in Georgia. I have not made a huge fuss over this bc I want my son to know it's ok to love his father and want to be with him, I'd never take that away. But his choice and absence is killing me!!!! I sob eveyday!! My husband was verbally, mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive. He has a mental illness I believe. He has threatened to shoot me, my family and my church for years, so much that so that I would hide the bullets!!! School is almost out, and my son wants to stay with his father most of the time, wants his father to have legal custody. They say next school year they are going to enroll him in school in Georgia.

My question is this, can I do anything to prevent this before divorce goes through?? I shouldn't have to lose my children bc I chose to leave an abusive marriage!! It's just not right, my son is breaking my heart WAAAY worse than his father ever did!!