Hey guys,

I am a young father and have had a difficult experience with my now settled divorce. My ex-wife has a history of relocating without my permission. I live in NYC currently. She has moved from NY to Nevada and now to Ohio. She has been chasing her boyfriend around who she has another baby with. The first time around we tried avoiding the courts by doing a long distance parenting plan. However, that failed miserably. She despises her family, my family, and mutual friends. I went to visit my son in Vegas, allowed my son to talk to both sides of the family she found out took him and didn't hear from my son or her for six months. I had her served. She in this time missed two mediation dates, a court setting date, and then moved to Ohio without notice. NOW I HONESTLY THOUGHT I WOULD WIN AND FILED AN EMERGENCY PICKUP. I was so confident. We had a hearing over the phone in which she showed up over the phone. The judge awarded her child support, and gave me unlimited visitation and skype calls. I STILL FEEL LIKE I WAS ROBBED AND REALLY DONT GET WHY I DIDNT GET THE PICKUP GRANTED. Six months went by and I didn't see my son once. We couldn't coordinate dates, she bad mouthed me all over social media and rejected any offer I had to avoid court. Now we went to court and five minutes before it started we settled on summers and holidays. Now I havent seen my son in a year at this point. I could've gone through with the trial and went all in but my lawyer said we could leave with nothing, the same deal, or less, or we might just win. I didn't take the risk. I somewhat regret it as I can't stop thinking what if. Now I KNOW SHE WILL MOVE AGAIN TO CHASE HER BOYFRIENDS DREAMS OF BEING A PRO WRESTLER. Any advice? my old lawyer said this would the third time moving and I do have a shot of getting primary custody if that is the case.

Any advice on what to do of what if she moves for the third time?
Also any advice in the ultimate decision for me to settle would be great.
I have heard that the temporary order was a precursor for the final order and I should feel like I won the battle.