All of these questions are with regards to maximizing enforceability of a postnup.
1. Obviously we’d get the agreement notarized but how necessary are witnesses or attorneys?
2. Is mediation the way to go? Given that in arbitration or court of law a final decision I may disagree with is more binding.
3. My wife and her parents report that she doesn’t have any assets, excluding personal and small household items. Meanwhile I have significantly more (savings, real estate, etc). Is it better to count some of her personal or small household items in the calculations of her assets so it’s less lopsided (otherwise her net worth would be listed as $0) or would it not matter in influencing the decision?
4. Anything else I should know? For example, in general, how likely is a postnup like this enforceable in NY? Have I made a big mistake by not doing a prenup? Is my wife likely to get a significant portion of my assets if we divorce despite a postnup where we went the completely independent route of unshared assets/debts (at, this would be selecting options such as separate debts, tenants in common, separate property income, no joint credit card accounts, no spousal support, individual tax filings on separation, not using each spouse’s income for joint household expenses, etc).