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#775406 - 05/01/19 10:53 PM Legal separation
ann64 Offline
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My husband is abusive. I want to get out of this abusive situation. I have absolutely no finances. Everything is in my husband's name. Is there a way I can get a legally separation and spousal support asap so I can find housing and have money for basic needs.

#775407 - 05/04/19 05:28 PM Re: Legal separation [Re: ann64]
MinnesotaMom Offline

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Probably not without an attorney you can even attempt to get support. As for spousal support, your state, your incomes and length of marriage is needed to estimate.

#775548 - 06/28/19 10:49 AM Re: Legal separation [Re: ann64]
Griggsarleen Offline
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You need to find a good attorney and can file for spousal support. Spousal support depends on your state, length of marriage and incomes.

#777880 - 07/20/19 06:13 AM Re: Legal separation [Re: ann64]
CharlotteIsabell Offline
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Getting a lawyer is a good option. Spousal support depends on the state, length of marriage and income of spouses.


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