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#777885 - 08/20/19 07:26 PM Modify Divorce Decree (due to QDRO date)
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My divorce was final last August and after I rolled over my 401k's into the current account, so the distribution through QDRO would be easier, in my eyes. When applying for the QDRO, the ex and I agreed that we would provide the date the combined accounts occurred to the QDRO attorney. She was okay because she is getting extra $$. After months of waiting for our attorney's to sign the forms and send them back to us, I just came to find out that my lawyer is saying that we now have to modify the divorce decree because the dates don't match.

Has this happened to anyone else? I dont know if I need to modify the divorce decree. Or can the QDRO still be processed with the new date we agreed on, if we both sign an affidavit to go along with it.

Any insight would be helpful.

#777892 - 09/03/19 05:09 AM Re: Modify Divorce Decree (due to QDRO date) [Re: carpmentor]
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Some states are extremely picky with language with a QDRO. Only your divorce attorney could answer your question. If it does need a mod, it should be very inexpensive.


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