I am now using a law firm for my divorce. Firm emailed Summons and Complaint and Affidavit of Defendant to wife and I instructed her and her parents that they would have to get it notarized at their local consulate, but she did not want to do this, saying she wanted to go for a divorce by publication, which shouldn't be used since I know where she lives (and it would take way longer and be more costly). So now I have hired a process server company who have process sever contacts in India, but one of the forms they require is a certified copy of the Summons and Complaint. They report that an attorney certification would not be accepted (would result in an affidavit of non-service) and they require it to be certified at the clerk instead. But it appears that's not doable now as the NYC court/clerk is closed due to COVID. Am keeping an eye on things and am hoping a reopening will occur soon. Anyway the ideal plan at this stage is since my wife has been aversive to signing anything lately, when she is served by the process server she will not respond and then I can divorce her by default (I may remind her and her parents of this method after I can verify she has been served).