He was asking for 1100 a month (CS and SS), I was ordered to pay him 568.00 a month for Feb and March then come April all I owe him is 62.00 a month for Child support. For pretty much one basic reason. He saw that he is willing not working as he should, and that he turned down 2 FT jobs at 12.00 an hour with benefits, knowing at the end of this divorce he would not have it anymore and he has too. The judge said I shouldnt have to pay for him to go to school when he is willing working the hours he is. So....I made out there, RIGHTFULLY!

As for Makenzi: He left the custody as is, due to it working for the both of us know, he did say that anytime the child needed to be in someone elses care, we should offer it to the other parent first. YEAH right, he wont. He is trying to do anything he can to get me in trouble for anything so he can have full custody.

For a week straight he called and told me I was going to hate him for taking all my money, well he didnt get the money, So now he WON b/c he got the one extra night with Makenzi. We have SHARED PARENTING in all ways as the judge said.