Ever had Child Support Billing Errors? They never make mistakes, right?

Child Support Billing Errors and/or Questionable Practices of Child Support Agencies:

Would you please distribute this message widely:

If you feel you have been billed for child support payments that you believe you do not owe, or you believe you have experienced a questionable practice by a child support agency in regard to child support payments, the National Family Justice Association (NFJA) wants to hear from you.

The National Family Justice Association (www.NFJA.org ), a national nonprofit educational organization, is gathering nationwide information regarding child support billing errors and/or questionable practices of child support agencies.

Perhaps your credit report has been affected by the alleged child support arrearage or your driver's license or business license has been threatened with suspension. Perhaps your income tax refund has been intercepted or your bank account has been seized when you believe child support was not due. Or, perhaps you have been arrested or threatened with arrest due to what you believe is an error or questionable child support policy.

There may be any number of scenarios in addition to the above. We want to hear your feedback.

If you have information that you feel would be of interest to NFJA regarding child support, we would like to hear from you also.

Would you please contact the National Family Justice Association (NFJA: www.NFJA.org ) by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]

or you can call NFJA at (330) 534-3510

IMPORTANT: Would you please enclose in your e-mail message to [email protected] the following information (All information will be kept confidential).

1. Your name (last name is optional), telephone number and e-mail address.

2. Your state and city in which you live.

3. The city, county, and state where your child support order is from, i.e., where you pay your child support to or your employer sends the garnishments to.

4. Description of your error or concern and the effect it has had on you and your family, including your extended family and your children.

5. Have you or someone you know been wrongfully arrested or threatened with arrest regarding child support? Please describe your experience.

6. Do you give NFJA permission to contact you at the e-mail address or phone number you indicated so that we may gather more information from you?



Thank you in advance for your responses to this message. Your help is greatly appreciated. Please note that personal responses to all of your messages will not be possible due to time constraints and the anticipated volume of responses, but all of your responses will be read and appreciated.

National Family Justice Association (NFJA)

Please note: The National Family Justice Association (NFJA) is an educational nonprofit organization. We do not offer legal advice

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