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#8502 - 08/18/05 05:00 PM Re: Any one from Georgia going or is divorced? [Re: downforthecount]
Jae Offline
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So, I need to know... What to do. Got the papers online, sent them, and he got them. However, he's since had his number changed, and won't return them or sign them. Is there anything else to do other than get a lawyer and put myself in debt over it?

#8503 - 09/27/05 12:32 AM Re: Any one from Georgia going or is divorced? [Re: Jae]
tbow Offline
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Loc: GA
Im in Georgia, but I dont want a divorce. My husband and I are seperated. He left 3 weeks ago. I want to keep my marriage intact.

#8504 - 11/11/06 12:38 PM Re: Any one from Georgia going or is divorced? [Re: lisa73]
fourtwogals Offline
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I fo not understand the post that you wrote this person that is having a hard time. put on your granny panties and get over it or something to that nature. I felt like it was a little harsh that you said that to this person, she did not give you her full situation about this divorce some are not as easy to JUST GET OVER. There could be alot of issue;s with this marriage that should not be judeged by you
are anyone else for that matter. This is her pesonal vent and I feel like it should of been answered with compassion if not do not answer at all.

#8505 - 04/26/08 10:29 PM Re: Any one from Georgia going or is divorced? [Re: downforthecount]
Yikez Offline

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Loc: Atlanta, Georgia
I know what you are going thru my Ex cheated on me with my Aunt who was living with us at the time while she got on her feet. My two boys were devastated as well was my daughter who is from another marriage.
It does get better, the best advice I can give is move on.
What's done is don't need that person in your life, and nothing you can do will make you feel better.
Her cheating had NOTHING to do with you and EVERYTHING to do with her.
Time does heal the pain. Thank God you all don't have kids
Be Happy, you deserve it!
Della in Georgia

#8506 - 11/03/09 04:58 AM Re: Any one from Georgia going or is divorced? [Re: downforthecount]
Shyn Offline

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My divorce was final in March of this year. Even if you get a lawyer, you make sure he/she knows that you are in charge (besides the Judge of course) and that you are paying them. I could write a book so, people can avoid mistakes!

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