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#8865 - 02/02/05 08:06 PM Schedule of Assets and Debts-Help!
overtherainbow Offline

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How in tarnation do I fill this out about household furnishing appliances and furniture ?. Do I have to put how much each is worth? Is it better to low ball( give a lower reasonable estimate than a higher one) if I am gonna try and remain in the house?
He took all the financial records with him so I can't fill out last years tax refund, account balances. Anyone have any experience with this form. I mean he's got the financial papers so I can't fill it out the exact finances.
Do you have to list everything you own together --kayaks, teloscope, binoculars cameras or just the big stuff?

#8866 - 02/02/05 08:58 PM Re: Schedule of Assets and Debts-Help! [Re: overtherainbow]
Plum Offline

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I would try to be honest, while low-balling. I'd include anything either of you might want to fight over, anything of value.

Could you contact your bank/s and creditors to get the balances? This will be marital assets and debts that will be divided, and you don't want to get lowballed there. It's also a good idea to know these numbers now so that you know there was, say, $3K in the account at XBank -- and later, if there's only $200, he can't say that was the balance all along.
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#8867 - 02/21/05 05:02 AM Re: Schedule of Assets and Debts-Help! [Re: Plum]
Diane67 Offline

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I was told by my lawyer to list everything and put down what I would expect to pay for it at a garage sale. My stbx has not said anything to the contrary. Yet.


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