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#92147 - 03/25/06 04:47 PM Good one to think about !
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Have you ever wondered why it is so easy for a man to get out having time or spend time with his children? They can just say ... well it is my choice to take them if I want them or not? Even if your court papers say every other weekend, alternatively, every other holiday? In addition, he can still tell you heís not taking them ... I think even if Iím divorced the children should still see there father. However, they always seem to forget that the other parent needs some time for herself too. lol thatís how we stay strong and healthy to jump back into what ever new drama that might come our way with our teenagers . I am not saying all dads are like this -... but I have heard it so many times ... What is fair? This is a good one for all of us to think about .They can be off running and missing there Teens growing up ... and to busy playing sugar daddy to make up for not seeing them. When mom is busting her _ _ _ to keep love in the house getting them through school , ok lets face it ... mom's are one BIG bandage we never can be hurt and we always fix things because we are the ones that are there ..... Thoughts please

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#92148 - 03/26/06 02:52 AM Re: Good one to think about ! [Re: suzyoh]
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Well, not the situation on my SIL's case. He is unable to see his kids because of the BM denying visitation. She is now on her 3rd contempt for visitation and they are going to a change of custody because of it. SIL has only seen his kids 3 times since August 17.

So, it isn't NCP or CP that is the problem, is it the type of people that are NCP and CP. Those type of people seem to make a mess of their whole life's.

#92149 - 04/14/06 05:03 AM Re: Good one to think about ! [Re: Buckeye]
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"Have you ever wondered why it is so easy for a man to get out having time or spend time with his children?"

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard for a man to get custody?

It is bad to generalize.

#92150 - 05/24/06 09:30 PM Re: Good one to think about ! [Re: Maury]
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I will not pity the thought that men have a harder time gaining custody or physical placement with their children. My ex got full physical placement and me visitation with our 3 children all because the judge felt it was better for the children to be around grandparents and aunts and uncles more than their mother and it was not important for the children to be with a parent who can help the children with their school work instead with a father who has a 2nd grade reading level.


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