Hi. How are yall? My husband and I are in Louisiana. His kids are in West Virginia with their mother. His kids are 7 and 3. We are fixing to go into a custody battle. I will tell yall both ends of the spectrum so you will know. Our life- married, both have jobs, vehicle, good environment, college background. Her life- 23, 3 kids, live in boyfriend, boyfriend has drug charges but not convicted, no vehicle, never had steady job, works at McDonalds, college certificates. The teacheer of the 7 yr old has said to us she will go to court bc they are not getting the academic attention at home. The mother is always forgetting the books and does not help child complete homework. the 7 yr old has already mentioned wanting to live with us. The daughter(3) has only been around the father maybe a total of a week in her life bc mother keeps the kids from us. The mother has been in contempt of court 3 times in past 3 months. She refuses to send us report cards and lets us contact children. They are claiming the child is ADHD but teacher thinks its home environment. Do you think we have a case? What are our strongest links? Do you think we can fight this without an attorney when the mother has attorney but he sucks bad? What shall we do now? The child is being retained in first grade. Please help us