And would that help us? My husband has joint custody of his two children. Niether parent pays child support but, each split the daycare as per the decree. Our problem is this.. she is remarried and they require much more daycare than we do. Also, they are active duty and the daycare amount is determined by their combined household income which is twice as much as ours which means they pay a good deal more. So, we pay much less than them because for one.. I take care of the kids most of the time and also, we don't make as much. But, when the kids are with them we have to pay out the butt because they make more money... It just doesn't seem right. Also, the time that we had the children (the past year) they never paid their half on time. So, we came up with the idea of each parent paying the daycare that they require.. ie: when we have them we pay our daycare expenses in full and when they have them they pay theirs. How could we go about getting that arranged since obviously they refuse to agree to it because they are making out in this arangement. Also, during the time that she had the children before we got them.. she and her husband were lying about their costs and my husband ended up overpaying a great deal. We found out when we finally went to the daycare provider (who was not licensed btw) and asked for ourselves. That is another reason we would like to have this arrangement changed. Any help is greatly appreciated.