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#9545 - 02/22/05 11:51 PM I really need some advice on Georgia law...
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My husband left for a business trip in August to go to another country and while he was gone my two daughters and I closed on and moved into the house we bought before he left. When he came home at Christmas he told me he wanted a divorce and was evil to me. He then returned back to his trip and has not sent me one red cent for groceries, etc. He has always been the provider for the family. He was supposed to return late March and now he tells me he signed up for more time over there and it may be May before he comes home or maybe even later. He flat out refused to tell me when he is coming back to the states. I need to know what I can do about having him held responsible. Any ideas??

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#9546 - 03/16/05 04:35 PM Re: I really need some advice on Georgia law... [Re: lisa73]
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Georgia is an equitable state. That means you get half of everything if not more if you go to court. As for him not being around, you can still file for divorce. If you go to a book store, there are plenty of books that will help you in the divorce process. It will be in the law section. It was vary helpful for me.

I know that you are having a hard time emotionaly and financially but one thing that you need to do is depend on family and friends for this support.

#9547 - 01/23/08 07:14 PM Re: I really need some advice on Georgia law... [Re: downforthecount]
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I think abandonment is one of the grounds and you might want to look further into the law to see exactly how it is defined.


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