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#983 - 07/25/04 11:27 AM paying for a child that isnt mine
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What is the name of your state?NEW YORK STATE-

OK- I was laid off in September of 2003 - .com job, company went out of business. I filed for a petition of modification and got it(temporary)
I noticed my ex's second child (not mine) on the paper work. Next court appearance I find out I am paying support for this womanís other child and have been for the past three years. I have never used a lawyer (obviously). She readily admitted in court the child isnít mine- the judge adjourned the case and asked I bring in a copy of the divorce papers.( I assume this is to show proof of the one child under support)
I am embarrassed and furious at the same time. I am embarrassed because my ignorance of the law let this happen and I am the only one to blame. I am furious because my ex knew I was paying for the second child and took every penny of it. does anyone know what my chances are of getting this child removed now that I have been paying for so long? and secondly will I be able to collect arrears from the ex? Thirdly is she guilty of any criminal act?
Any help is much appreciated...

#984 - 07/25/04 06:48 PM Re: paying for a child that isnt mine [Re: neverknew]
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I was wanting to know if with your first child. Did you hire an atternoy because of child support? I am court ordered to have child support garnished from my check. I wanted to know if you have had the samething happen to you?
And what good would a lawyer do for me since the court is ordering child support? I don't want to get screwed hiring
an atternoy just so they can get a large retainer fee out of me.

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#985 - 07/26/04 12:29 AM Perhaps 25/75, probably not, and no... [Re: neverknew]
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It depends on the court as to whether they'll reverse the CS order on that child, but it's usually impossible to get them to order the CP repay the money. And I've never seen it considered a criminal act.
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