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Don't Divorce Us!
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Don't Divorce Us! Kids' Advice to Divorcing Parents examines the divorce experience firsthand--through the eyes and voices of children and adult children of divorce. People from various ages, ethnic groups, and backgrounds share artwork, essays, and stories that are intimate, humorous, innocent, and wise.

Parents who read this book will be better able to listen, understand, and help their children deal with the pain and hurt of divorce. Don't Divorce Us! contains practical parenting, dating, ex-spouses, stepparenting, and divorce stress.

"You know, I think I cared, way back when, if they got divorced or not. But I'm sick of it now. I've told m parents to just get it over...anything would be better than this."
--Josh, 17-year-old honors student

"The worst thing was not knowing and not daring to ask. It was all I could think about. They could have sat down and talked to us. ...It was like not telling the truth when we most needed them to tell us."
--Rosie, 13-year-old

"To this day I can remember how my older brother, younger sister, and I learned of the divorce... We were called together to talk about Momma and Daddy not loving each other anymore... We asked each other what we had done to cause the divorce and what we could do to keep them together."
--50-year-old professional woman

"Parents should just try to act like adults--not like fighting children. Everyone needs to have compassion and keep in mind it's not going to be an easy trip."

About the Author:
Rite Sommers-Flanagan is a clinical psychologist and professor of counseling at the University of Montana. In her professional practice, Rita has often worked as both a counselor and a mediator for divorcing or remarried families.

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Don't Divorce Us!
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