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Domestic Violence Survival Guide
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Provides...Tactics, Strategies and Guidelines

Ideally, domestic violence should be recognized early in the relationship, then prevented before it erupts. If it cannot be prevented, it must be stopped before serious harm is done. If it cannot be stopped, the victim must be protected before further harm is done. Once the victim is protected, she must be rehabilitated to become a whole person once again.

But how do we accomplish these goals in a safe, sane, practical and legal way? And can the abuser be helped? Is reconciliation ever possible? That is the theme of this publication.

Based on a review and analysis of pertinent studies, surveys, reports and findings of various public and private agencies and advocacy groups, the author has incorporated his first-hand knowledge and experience as a former law enforcement officer and research writer to produce a uniquely designed self-help book of special interest to:

    Victims and family members and All persons directly and indirectly affected by domestic violence.

About the Author:

For over 25 years, Cliff Mariani was a member of the New York City Police Department. As a patrol officer, he had more than frequent occasion to deal with domestic abusers, their victims and the "system".

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Domestic Violence Survival Guide
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Domestic Violence Survival Guide
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