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Last Updated - September 30 , 2000
Over 175 Pages
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Tax Aspects of Divorce
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Tax Aspects of Divorce is based upon professional education seminars given to attorneys and certified public accountants to help them understand the many varied tax aspects of divorce and separation.

The book has proven to be invaluable to people experiencing divorce or separation. It is a thorough reference for every Internal Revenue Code Section that is likely to be encountered in the divorce process. Although not an easy read, the persevering reader will be rewarded with an appreciation of the tax ramifications from the actions taken during and after marital disputes.

It documents the law by first stating the code and then explains it with regulations, examples, court decisions or revenue rulings. Mr. Kasper offers his own comments with observations based upon over 20 years experience.

Highlights Inside Tax Aspects of Divorce

  • Whether to file joint, separate, or no returns
  • Doctrine of Tacit Consent for filing joint returns without spouse's signature
  • New innocent spouse rules
  • Review of requirements for Head of Household filing status and claiming dependent exemptions with emphasis on the special rules for divorced or separated individuals
  • Tax issues of minors of separated parents and how they are affected by the right to claim the dependency exemption and the residential parent status
  • Tax considerations of adopted and foster children
  • Alimony
  • Distinguishing child support from alimony
  • When payment of obligations arising from the marriage can be deducted as alimony
  • Property settlements and transfers including the new rules governing gains on personal residences
  • IRAs and pension divisions and distributions
  • Qualified domestic relations orders, their uses and unintended consequences
  • Deductibility of legal and other professional fees in divorce
  • Suggestions for tax-related clauses in settlement agreements
  • Using the tax-adjusted balance sheet to understand the tax consequences of property division

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    About the Author:

    Larry J. Kasper is a practicing Certified Public Accountant in Columbus Ohio, specializing in litigation support and business valuations. He has a Masters in Accounting and a MBA and is also a Certified Valuation Analyst. He is the author of several professional publications including the recently published and award winning book, Business Valuations: Advanced Topics and is a frequent speaker to bar associations and Certified Public Accountant Societies. He is listed in Who's Who in America.

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    Tax Aspects of Divorce
    Purchase Price:$74.95

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